Studio Report

Hey all,

Now the dust has settled from our week at Studio Litho, Seattle WA. we can fill you in on what went down. Sit comfortably and we'll begin...


After Mike arrived from England we headed to Barrett Jones' legendary Laundry Room studio for a little pre-production. It was time well spent and after we played through the songs a few times we formulated a plan for the studio the next morning.

2018-02-20 17.42.24.jpg

Studio Litho in Fremont is kind of a special place. Homely yet geared for hard work. In-house engineer Floyd Reitsma made us feel so welcome. He's a super-quick worker and before we knew it we had three songs down. We'd only booked five days thinking we'd get the very basics down so things were off to a great start.


Music continued flowing for the rest of the week with everyone chipping in ideas and bringing the raw demos we had to life. We have such songwriting and musical talent in Erin Tate and Kathy moore, it's a wonderful melting pot. For the most part we tracked live bass and drums in the same room, Kathy in the isolation booth and Ty singing guide vocals.

After getting the heart of the songs down we had a blast experimenting and overdubbing keys and guitars. We even kept some demo tracks for some of that raw flavor.


Seattle is a music town, so often when we listened back to our takes someone would say, "Hey some horns would sound great here" and then a call would be made and it'd happen. We were honored to have the amazing Bill Jones, Jon Rÿser, Tracy Ferrara, and Dave Marriott (not pictured) stop by and weave their magic. They knew exactly what was needed and they elevated our music to another level. Total professionals. We were in awe.


Our last day at Litho was spent nailing the last tune, revising tracks and making rough mixes.

Barrett Jones had popped in and out of the sessions throughout the week, adding a little insight here and there and put a beautiful guitar melody down on one of the songs. 

We were all kind of surprised we'd tracked nine tunes in five days and it'd been such a breeze. Put this down to Floyd's engineer/producer experience and the inspiration we found working at Litho with such incredible players.

There'll be much more info to come soon. We can't wait for you all to hear what we've created.